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How to make open-plan office work?

The workspace in the form of open-plan office has not enjoyed a good reputation in the recent years. Instead, it has elicited the vast amount of controversy. Articles in the foreign and Polish press demonstrate that it is very difficult to work in such an interior. Will we witness the revolution in office design? Despite ongoing polemics, the majority of big companies all around the world still use that solution as it is economically viable. The discussion of the disadvantages of open-plan office has turned out to be very necessary and fruitful because the existing problems have been diagnosed and the design methods have been changed. Thanks to the development of neuroscience, which architects find very inspiring today (neural architecture), we learn more and more how our brain works, however, despite our best efforts, we still have not found a solution that would be ideal for every company.As a result, we design offices which are a combination of all types of spaces  – to work with others (open-plan office), to work alone, to hold meetings or to rest. A flexible office presents its employees with a variety of options concerning choosing the right place to work, depending on their needs. 

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Design Events
BALMA & NOTI & T3 Atelier present their comfortable and staff-friendly offices at 4 Design Days in Katowice

The furniture producers - BALMA and NOTI together withT3 Atelier, a regional partner, are going to take part in Poland’s biggest event dedicated to real estate, interiors and design, which will be held in the International Congress Centre in Katowice between 16-19 February. At 4 Design Days architects, designers, interior equipment producers, service providers as well as developers and investors will be discussing the origin of global trends and what inspires them. It’ll be a unique opportunity to learn about interesting projects, activities or investments in that field and get to know one another, exchange thoughts and welcome new ideas.

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Health Trends
Is it Profitable to Combine Working and Moving?

When we take a close look at modern offices, we will see how much attention is given to physical activity.Many pieces of furniture look much like the equipment of an office of sensory integration therapy, i.e. balls, swings, armchairs on wheels and rocking chairs. Ergonomic furniture is a core element, but employers encourage their employees to be active in a variety of ways. Tables with adjustable top height will be very useful during working or holding meetings in a standing position, for example, whereas stairs and long hallways force walking and green patios together with enclosed areas adjoining the office buildings invite to stroll in the open air. In many companies there are bicycle parking facilities, mini gyms or yoga and relaxation rooms. Health is one of the most important aspects of the latest trends in designing workplace.

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