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How to make open-plan office work?

The workspace in the form of open-plan office has not enjoyed a good reputation in the recent years. Instead, it has elicited the vast amount of controversy. Articles in the foreign and Polish press demonstrate that it is very difficult to work in such an interior. Will we witness the revolution in office design? Despite ongoing polemics, the majority of big companies all around the world still use that solution as it is economically viable. The discussion of the disadvantages of open-plan office has turned out to be very necessary and fruitful because the existing problems have been diagnosed and the design methods have been changed. Thanks to the development of neuroscience, which architects find very inspiring today (neural architecture), we learn more and more how our brain works, however, despite our best efforts, we still have not found a solution that would be ideal for every company.As a result, we design offices which are a combination of all types of spaces  – to work with others (open-plan office), to work alone, to hold meetings or to rest. A flexible office presents its employees with a variety of options concerning choosing the right place to work, depending on their needs.