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New Year’ s Resolutions – just stand up please

Do you remember the New Year’s resolutions you made? Did you manage to stick to them? Or are you one of those who instantly forgot about them? So, when you look back, do you want to regretfully say: ”It didn’t work out again.” Well, you don’t need to worry about that any longer– we’re going to tell you about a resolution that is 100 per cent realistic. 

Right before the New Year’s Eve party everybody thinks about nothing else but getting ready for the party, but as soon as 1 January is over thousands of readers and TV viewers start looking for some advice on how to make the CHANGE happen.

Everyone starts reading numerous instructive articles, gives likes on motivating posts, smiles seeing true-to- life memos. In general, we all agree with and accept most opinions and ideas presented by psychologists and coaches – but sadly the outcome on our part is usually quite poor.

The main reason is undoubtedly connected with our unrealistic ambitions. We are filled with great hope and we demand  too much of ourselves, whereas after some consideration (or while trying to rationally plan how to implement good habits) we instantly give up these plans.  Additionally, the situation often gets worse because of some unfavourable conditions. For example, how can you start regular exercise if you arrive home feeling completely exhausted after an intense day at work?

We’ve got a solution for you. Why don’t you start with small steps then? The small steps understood both figuratively and literally. You don’t need to go to the gym every day, have a hard workout or restricted diet plan. You can help yourself stay healthy by introducing simple routines or practices by making use of the current developments in science and technology.

For instance, you should test Balma desks  with the desktop height adjustment function. These modern desks, with electrically powered actuators, will guarantee the comfort of work, no matter if you sit or stand when you work. These desks are stable, their height adjustment actuators are reliable, yet invisible, and their ingenious design and diversity of desk variants make them a perfect match for all kinds of interiors.

Balma PLUS desks are equipped with high-class  Linak lifting columns. The Danish producer, apart from focusing on high quality of materials and finishing, pays attention to the ease and comfort for desk users. Desk Control application is the best illustration here. On the basis of our experience and the experience of our customers, we can say the application is a real hit. With your own smartphone (connected with the desk by Bluetooth) you will not only be able to adjust the height of your desktop, but you can also monitor your progress in developing  a healthy practice of working when you stand. This application will suggest the optimal intervals by sending the signal when you should stand up and when you should go back to your sitting working position.

That brings us back to the New Year’s resolutions mentioned in the title. The creators of Desk Control have just released the application update. In the new version you will  find more statistical functions and tools which can help you first to set and then to achieve your goals. This application can work as your personal coach, and, at the same time, it can introduce the element of the so-called “game competitiveness” into the office reality. Changing the position while working, i.e. standing up from your desk and then sitting down, which won’t interfere with doing your job right, can be viewed as a challenge as well as fun, and concluding the results of that new practice can be a great motivator for maintaining this healthy routine. You could ask: “What is there for me?” The answer is: improved blood circulation, improved condition of your backbone, improved power of your brain, and improved concentration. These are undisputable facts confirmed by doctors and scientists.

You could say: ” Come on, are you kidding me? Standing up? What kind of resolution is that???” Well, it’s true it does look pretty simple, it doesn’t require much commitment, or it doesn’t force a radical change in your daily routines or your lifestyle. However, it perfectly meets the health needs of the modern man and brings many positive effects. Besides, thanks to the philosophy of taking small steps, it has a potential to become the first New Year’s resolution you’ll actually fulfil. And this is what we would like to wish you all.

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