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Stand up and ... you’ll be fine!

If you work sitting at a desk in one of several thousands of offices in Poland and you realise you lead a sedentary lifestyle – it’s HIGH TIME you started moving. The health risks related to the lack of physical activity at work are much more serious than you could possibly imagine. So, all you need to do is to leave them behind you!

It’s not our intention to make you resign from your present job. But we wish to encourage you to change your attitude and to work out a habit you’ll benefit from. It doesn’t require much sacrifice, and it will actually make a big difference…

Since school times we have been instructed about maintaining the correct posture while sitting. With the proper posture you can avoid back problems or back pain in the future. We have been told that the height of the chair should be adjusted to the height of the table/desk , the back needs a support and the feet need to be positioned in the right way, the middle of the computer monitor should be placed at eye level, and the computer keyboard should be positioned at the right angle.

Well, so much for the theory – everyone can see how it works in real life...

It turns out that the spine problems are not the only drawback. Lack of physical activity slows down metabolism and results in the deposition of fatty tissue, which in turn may lead to cardiovascular disease, and sometimes even to cancer. Obesity is often accompanied with diabetes, with many serious complications following. Our body, even if seated in the most comfortable armchair  is prone to vascular diseases, including limb varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Sitting for long periods of time may also cause (because of involuntary muscle tension) breathing problems or growing headaches. Lack of moving could also cause digestive problems. 

What to do then? How  to avoid those health risks? The answer is really simple. It’s enough to ... stand up. The regularly changed work position (from sitting to standing) together with the right seat position and non-strenuous stretches can get your body into the moving routine and can also regenerate your organism effectively.

Designers of modern office furniture have already come up with some interesting solutions, including office desks and conference tables with the variable height of their tops. You can work in a sitting position and then you can lift those tables or desks to the position enabling the work in a standing position. Nowadays, in modern companies business meetings with no chairs or armchairs, run at a high table have become quite an ordinary thing.