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Egnyte Poland

The team of Egnyte Poland can now enjoy every inch of the new area of 2,400 m2 of their new office!

The Poznań division of that dynamically growing company, offering programming solutions, has been designed in a modern way. The Egnyte office is a flexible workplace where all employees can feel comfortable and work in accordance with their core values.

In the open-office floor plan, apart from single workstations, you will find island-style desks where you can work and move, so that each employee can work and change the work position from the sitting one into the standing one as they wish. The acoustic comfort and green plants have also been taken into consideration while designing this office.

There are also canteens and chill-out zones there encouraging to rest and have fun, where you can play games or simply relax yourself.

The project makes use of Balma STEPPS modular shelving units (designed by Piotr Kuchciński) – the winner of the prestigious prizes like German Design Award 2020 and Must Have 2019, tables from Balma PLUS collection (designed by Wiktoria Lenart and Piotr Kuchciński), SIMPLIC conference tables and desks, G4 office desks, J_SYSTEM and K2 furniture as well as classic hoker stools from Mishell collection from Meble NOTI.

Interior design project by EV Architects
Photos by SOPOROWSKA Photography

Furniture from collection: