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The employees of Cracow division of an ITMAGINATION company have enjoyed their new office, which can stimulate and increase their productivity. The main seat of the company has been furnished with Balma PLUS desks with electrical height adjustments, so now the workers can take good care of their health on an everyday basis.

The employees can rest during the day thanks to a large number of soft furniture pieces from Meble NOTI which allow for a fast recovery or change in a working style depending on the needs. A large H2 table, together with the energetic lamps in the colour of a fresh lemon have constituted the centre of the kitchen where the employees can have healthy lunch.

In the meeting places like conference rooms, the adequate lighting and comfortable armchairs have been provided. Here you can find the Red Dot Design Award winner - H2 conference table, designed by Piotr Kuchciński.

On the other hand, in the reception area, being the most representative place, you will see FURONTO reception desk with subtle LED lights. The colours used in the design of the seat of IT Cracow division relate to that client’s branding.
It is a truly modern office which can promote creativity of its employees and thanks to applying many functional solutions, which will increase work efficiency and productivity.

Realisation: Balma Showroom in Warsaw
Project: Aleksandra Mętlewicz

Furniture from collection: