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Office in the shopping centre

A modern office located in an administrative part of the shopping centre in Wrocław is a perfect example of a harmonious work space. It is Balma STEPPS shelving units, the winner of a prestigious German Design Award 2020, that have determined the character of the design.

The shelving units as well as the glass walls with metal sashes and the reception desk deliberately covered with rust have produced an industrial interior, which is softened by the calming colours of grey and light blue and the presence of plants. 

The project makes use of bench desks, desk partitions and conference tables from MIXT collection. A minimalist office arrangement of a timeless form is possible thanks to OSTIN collection. Additionally, the lamps and various accessories add to the final touch.

Project execution: Balma Showroom in Wrocław

Photos: Stanisław Zajączkowski

Furniture from collection: