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The designing and complex furnishing of the offices of PKP SA has been one of the biggest projects of that kind carried out by Salon Balma Warszawa. Typographic elements characteristic for PKP and the architecture of PKP train stations in major cities in Poland have served as an inspiration for the concept of the interiors The scale of that undertaking can best be illustrated by the measurable figures. Balma has delivered more than 12,000 various elements from furniture pieces, such as  desks, cabinets, chairs, desk pedestals, conference rooms equipment, executive furniture, poufs, sofas and armchairs for the rest zone  and informal meeting places as well as for the reception area and the Board offices, to small decorative elements. The implementation of the office interiors for PKP SA has been a modern, well-thought-out and complex project bringing together the needs of the Investor, aesthetics and functionality.

Here you can read more about an innovational project created for  PKP SA

Design by Aleksandra Mętlewicz
Graphic design by Maciej Jasina
Realisation: Balma Showroom in Warsaw
Photos by Hubert Padalak / Videotools
Investor: PKP SA
Location: Warsaw

Furniture from collection: