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A system of DEMINO tables is a family of high and low tables of a very characteristic line and a universal function. Their most appealing aspect is the distinctive and eye catching form.


Balma MULTIBASE is a system of desks of an exceptionally functional structure.
Its essential quality is that you can attach any desk legs to the universal desk tops in an easy and simple way.

Balma PLUS

Balma PLUS is a completely flexible system allowing it to be used to develop solutions for even the most advanced working practices.


Balma STEPPS, a system of Balma shelving units, is a modular system which allows to arrange office, housing and public spaces.


Collection of modern furniture characterised by restrained form and a great selection of finish materials as well as module sizes, gives the buyers extraordinary freedom (and responsibility) in creating the space of their dreams.


Simplic is a range of conference tables and desks. It is distinguished by its unigue simplicity of form and construction, its universal and flexible applications and its high degree of comfort.


Simple and distinctive form of OSTIN office furniture is inspired by the geometry of the contemporary modernistic architecture.


The concept of the IN executive office furniture set was aimed at expressing the beauty of simple, geometrical forms. Many separate elements enable easy arrangement of the cabinet space and its adaptation to users’ individual needs.


The combination of glass, natural veneer and steel add to the value and original character of the collection.


The unusual shape of H2 tables breaks the office convention. They attract attention with the dainty, graphic form of the base.


G4 workstations range is a functional and simple solution for offices and conference rooms.


Etum walls serve as a convenient and economical solution that allows dividing workplaces. 

Screens B1

B1 desk screens allows to create indywidual workstations by visually separating one workplace from another one.


A practical solution to store personal belongings in offices, changing rooms or dining facilities.

Balma Floo

Balma Floo is a system of geometric metal plant stands and shelves, allowing the integration of plants into the working environment in a smart and modern fashion.


The K2 pedestals complement the choice of our furniture and are compatible with the office furniture ranges and reception counters.


The complex set of cabinets J_SYSTEM constitutes a comprehensive solution for storing documents in the office.


A new system of TRESTA reception counters perfectly meets the needs of our clients. These are simple, pure forms accentuated by the LED light that allow to achieve the maximum functionality of the reception area, which is a place of the first contact with the client.


The system of modular reception counters is designed to satisfy the needs of demanding customers who look for modern, refined and customer-friendly appearance of their offices.


Modern solution with regard for a peculiar character of a first-contact place and also its  elegant character.

Balma UNU

A hanger of unusual form. A combination of metal and wood, aesthetics and durability.