This unique project has been carried out by our Balma  Showroom in Warsaw– from interior design to furniture arrangement. As you walk in you will see an unusual reception area located within a circle. Tritos navy blue couch and Manta orange armchair from NOTI constitute the very central part of the entry area and have a direct connotation to the colours used in the visual identification of PKP Telkol.

Simple and elegant Furonto reception desk from Balma collection attracts attention to its modern form. The lowered front makes contacting easier and shows the face of the receptionist. Such a shape manifests the communicativeness, sincerity and hospitality of the company.

Tall, blue sofas from Balma PLUS collection guarantee comfortable meetings in pleasant surroundings. Thanks to the bodied form, both employees and visitors to PKP Telkol can either participate in conversations or wait for their appointments in an acoustic-friendly environment, which, depending on their needs, can encourage getting focused or relaxed.

The new office of PKP Telkol gets divided into four regions of Poland and the itinerary is set by the “telecommunications” network. That effect has been achieved through the use of vinyl panels as well as information boards.

The colours play the vital role in the design – each department has a different colour assigned to it. Such a formula makes the communication easier and accentuates the character of particular offices. The workplaces, equipped with bright and simple G4 desks , have been designed with great care. The tall, functional, cargo-type cabinets from Balma PLUS collection, which single out the individual work stations, will provide sufficient space for all the necessary documents. The upholstered ETUM desk-partition walls are perfect for open-plan offices. They significantly increase the acoustic comfort and can be used as an additional surface for personalisation.

The white walls have been livened up thanks to soft, upholstered acoustic panels, which match the individuality of all the offices. The hard pieces of furniture with their warm sand colour successfully break the strong accents of blue and green.

Each of the conference rooms incorporates large graphics images of the biggest cities in Poland – there you will spot some interesting pictures of Warsaw, Cracow, Gdańsk and Poznań, among others. Thanks to the use of big conference tables, the meetings are effective and can be run in a comfortable way.

In the remaining common rooms the photos of some recreation areas have been used like the Sopot pier in the canteen or Morskie Oko lake at the coffee point. Quite an intriguing element is a holiday beach cabin where the employees can stay away from the others while resting in the cosy MANTA armchair from Meble NOTI.



arch. Aleksandra Mętlewicz, Salon Balma Warszawa


Photos by:

Kąty Proste - fotografia wnętrz

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