Changes in the workplace stem from various needs. For RF MAH company, dynamic business growth translated into the necessity of arranging additional workspace. The new office is located in Wrocław, in the STReet Point building. RF MAH specializes in designing and manufacturing machinery primarily for the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

The new interiors, designed by architect Agnieszka Brambor, primarily constitute workspaces filled with single and double workstations. The overall design is characterized by shades of grey, complemented by blue-navy graphic elements on the walls and flooring, corresponding with the brand colors. Refined details ensure that the interiors are cohesive, modern, and inviting.

Aside from workspaces, the new headquarters also include meeting rooms and communal areas, including a kitchen. Undoubtedly, the interiors of the new RF MAH headquarters provide a space tailored for professionals. Supporting their work are our furniture pieces: single desks and Mixt benches, J_system cabinets, Simplic tables, Plus tables, and the Unu standing hanger.


Agnieszka Brambor


Photos by:

Stan Zajączkowski

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