TZMO Deutschland GmbH in Biesenthal is a German company of the TZMO SA Capital Group, which is a European producer and supplier of medical, care, and hygiene products to the global market.

The investment in the development of office space is part of the company's growth strategy, which aims to positively impact the increase of employment potential. All of this is in line with the guiding principle of creating a modern and functional work environment that considers the needs of the employees.

The investor's priority was to create a high-quality work environment. Architect Dorota Rywocka incorporated this idea into the project and used solutions from Balma and Noti to create ergonomic and comfortable workstations, equipped with desks with electric height adjustment, acoustic partitions and screens, cabinets, soft furniture, and planters.

Color played an important role in this project. The base was made up of browns and grays, which were brought to life with turquoise, green, and burgundy, creating a beautiful and harmonious combination on each floor. These colors appeared on upholstered furniture, acoustic partitions, carpets, and wallpapers - inspired by the colorful boxes from the Stepps collection by Balma.

The most colorful area is the space created for the marketing department, where intense colors work well in the soft meeting area, encouraging action and stimulating creativity.

The project is complemented by impressive stabilized moss panels, whose texture and color enliven the interiors and positively affect well-being, as well as a fitness room, a cafeteria-style canteen, and coffee bars within the office building.


Pracownia Aranżacji Wnętrz O-KREŚLARNIA Dorota Rywocka

Photos by:

Anna Soporowska

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