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Is it Profitable to Combine Working and Moving?

When we take a close look at modern offices, we will see how much attention is given to physical activity.Many pieces of furniture look much like the equipment of an office of sensory integration therapy, i.e. balls, swings, armchairs on wheels and rocking chairs. Ergonomic furniture is a core element, but employers encourage their employees to be active in a variety of ways. Tables with adjustable top height will be very useful during working or holding meetings in a standing position, for example, whereas stairs and long hallways force walking and green patios together with enclosed areas adjoining the office buildings invite to stroll in the open air. In many companies there are bicycle parking facilities, mini gyms or yoga and relaxation rooms. Health is one of the most important aspects of the latest trends in designing workplace.

Sitting as harmful as smoking?

Researchers dealing with health issues have come up with the following conclusion: the contemporary way of life results in the fact that we spend almost 70% of our day sitting: at home, in the car and at work. We tend to forget that our body and brain have been designed for physical activity and when we do not have the right dosage of exercise, we fall sick. Sitting could develop chronic diseases, increase the risk of getting cancer, diabetes, develop heart disease and problems with high blood pressure, it could also stimulate depressive symptoms. That is why, many doctors believe that sitting can be as harmful to health as smoking and they say that sitting has become the scourge of our modern times.