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LivinnX Cracow– you’ve never seen anything like it!

There’s a lot to be proud of – i.e. the latest project of Balma Showroom in Sopot - furnishing all the communal areas of the most modern student residence hall in Poland! And that’s LivinnX in Cracow – already gaining lots of fame and publicity!

LivinnX Cracow was created as part of the restoration of the building of Telpod, an old electronic plant, situated at 4 Romanowicza Street in Cracow. In this residence hall there are 710 beds available in 290 rooms of various configurations (1-, 2-, 3- and 4-person rooms). Each of them is fully furnished and has a living-room area connected with a kitchen annex, a sleeping area and a bathroom. The interior of the student hall has been designed in the industrial style. The design has incorporated many elements referring to the previous functions of the building. Some of the spaces in the building are even 3.90 m high!

LivinnX Cracow is much more than just a traditional student accommodation. Apart from the housing units located on the six floors, LivinnX Cracow residence hall offers many other facilities, altogether taking up to 2,000 square metres. All the inhabitants of the student hall may, as they wish, use study spaces and fun zones, a shared kitchen, a 24 h gym, a sauna, a yoga room, a climbing wall, an art room, or even a Jacuzzi located on a terrace on the roof of the building. On -1 level - in the underground – there is a laundry service and a bike storage. Just like many international campuses, the residence hall is under 24-hour CCTV surveillance. The reception and security office work round the clock, too. Soon, there will be other commercial and service areas available inside the building (e.g. a grocery shop and some restaurants).