Shall we meet at Warsaw Central Rail Station or West Station? Case study - Balma for PKP

The designing and complex furnishing of PKP SA offices has been one of the biggest projects of that kind carried out by  Balma Showroom in Warsaw. The interior design concept has been inspired by the typographic elements characteristic for PKP and the architecture of PKP train stations of the biggest cities in Poland. The scale and project implementation time have been unparalleled. Balma has declared to deliver to the Client four fully furnished storeys of the West Station building together with more than 700 work stations within 7 weeks.

The main inspiration for the creation of the project has been the triangle motif, which is the visual identification base for PKP SA. The motif of the triangle appears on the wall veneers, in open-plan offices, and in conference rooms as soft wall panels.

Colours have played an enormous role in the created project. The colours were selected from the PKP colour palette, which was applied to ensure the visual identification of the office and in the space designed. From the graphic point of view, the colours clearly distinguish and label various departments located on the floors. Every segment has a different colour assigned to it. Whereas in the office space the colours appear in the upholstery finishings, wall veneers and 3D panels.

The key role of the signposts, in the form of 3D boards placed on communication walls in open-plan offices, has been undeniable. On each floor signposts have been designed, being inspired by the PKP train stations identification, which make moving around the office much easier. Additionally, pictograms have been used, which can be found both on the signposts and floor maps.

On each floor there are conference rooms and canteens, which play an important role. Each floor has its specific colour and theme.  Every conference room has a train station assigned to it presented on one of its walls. The clear-cut division enables moving around the office easily and gives a boost to the monotony, which is usually associated with an open-plan office. 


The implementation of the office interiors for PKP SA has been a modern, well-thought-out and complex project bringing together the Client’s needs, aesthetics and functionality.

Design by Aleksandra Mętlewicz
Graphic design by Maciej Jasina
Realisation:  Balma Showroom in Warsaw
Photos by Hubert Padalak / Videotools
Investor: PKP SA
Location: Warsaw

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