What is the advantage of mobile furniture?

Complex, methodical, sizeable and at the same time costly designs of office interiors do belong in the past. The revolutionary changes concerning the company organisation, i.e. introducing hybrid or remote work models are being followed by the changes to the character of company interiors. Now, the office has become a space which can be changed at any point and in which employees have optimal conditions for teamwork, creativity and also for staying focused while performing certain tasks. The flexibility of modern office interiors turns out to be significant in multiple fields - even in those which are viewed as the ones which would stick to the defined rules and structures, such as accounting or banking.


The furniture manufacturing industry, designers and furniture users have been using various terms to convey the special qualities of this furniture. The most common term is “mobile furniture” (mobile shelving units and mobile desks). Another term is “flexible furniture systems” or simply “an agile office”. All those terms refer to a comfortable interior which can be easily adjusted to the expectations of its users.


The furniture collection of Balma Plus, which perfectly addresses the need for office flexibility, has been quite successful on the Polish market. Interior designers highly appreciate the aesthetics of this collection and a wide range of the variants, thanks to which various elements of this system can be used in different interiors. Additionally, the users of Balma Plus praise the system for its comfort and functionality. In this collection the most popular pieces are lightweight poufs, pedestals equipped with wheels, and mobile screens which offer an optical and also acoustic separation from the surrounding.

New Balma Multibase desks are flexible desks which can excellently complement Balma Plus collection, which is widely approved and recognised. Multibase Collection is based on unified desk tops of width of 120 cm, 140 cm, 160 cm and 180 cm and depth of 70 cm and 80 cm. For those table tops one of several types of desk legs can be selected, such as straight legs, sled legs, A-shaped legs, and, currently quite popular, T-shaped legs. The design of the series is attractive and coherent, which, together with a wide array of available colours, will offer limitless possibilities. From Balma Multibase modules you can create single or double desks, as well as multi-person workstations.

The designers have made sure to provide an easy access to a cable duct, which runs all the way across the desk top. Thanks to that solution, numerous power cables and cables to connect computers with various peripheral office devices can be hidden away, and at the same time, it’s possible to immediately disconnect a cable whenever needed.

Undoubtedly, Balma Multibase collection equals flexible desks. Its lightweight structure, the materials applied and easy assembly allow for quick rearrangement of the interior. From now on, there won’t be a problem to make any reorganisation or changes to the number of workstations.

And what about temporary modifications/transformations which are the characteristic feature of flexible offices? The designers of Balma Multibase system have come up with a brilliant solution, i.e. desks on wheels. Thanks to those wheels, you’ve got mobile furniture pieces right away which can be effortlessly moved to any place at any time.

In this article we’ve already mentioned the optical subtlety of Multibase desks and the reasonable weight of the whole structure, which allows to easily move the desks. It’s important to note that the producer hasn’t only taken care of the mobility of the whole system, but has also paid close attention to the quality and durability of the system. Therefore, Balma’s flexible furniture is definitely a great investment which can be used for many years. During this time it’ll be possible to make any desirable changes, alterations, modifications, and rearrangements.