Ergonomics in a work environment

There are many factors which can affect the efficiency of our work and also the quality of the tasks we need to perform. One of the key factors will undoubtedly be workplace ergonomics and its proper design. So, how can you create a comfortable place for yourself and your employees? You’ll find some useful tips below.


Working in a static position


Many jobs involve prolonged sitting in front of a desktop or laptop screen. This is static work. It occurs when on the outside no kind of movement can be observed, whereas muscles remain tense and tight. Then numerous processes without oxygen take place, which results in weakening the organism and getting fatigued easily. 

Sitting posture is yet the most popular working position. This is so because the organism uses then the least amount of energy and spine stability is at its best. However, a sitting position may cause some health problems, like joint or spine pain. Fortunately, the risk of suffering from these problems could be reduced. For example, by making sure to purchase the right office furniture. You can find modern and ergonomic office furniture right at Balma.

Optimal desk size

A desk that is good to work at is a desk tailored primarily to the needs and habits of the user, which at the same time gives space for the elbows and maintains the angles in the working position that are appropriate for the correct posture. When working at the computer, it is worth making sure that the desk top is at elbow height. This will allow you to work in the desired position, i.e. with your elbows bent at right angles. It is also important to take care of the space not only on the desk, but also under it. The space under the desk should be freed up so that each person can freely put their legs. The most flexible and enabling work in variable positions are desks with electric height adjustment. They allow for a dynamic change of position during work, which has many advantages, e.g. supports a healthy working style, has a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system, stimulates creativity and even reduces the feeling of fatigue and stress.

Properly adjusted office chairs 

Office chairs should be individually selected, taking into consideration the user’s height and weight. Therefore, an adjustment function is of great significance here. The height and depth of the seat should be adjustable, as well as backrest angle. The depth of the seat should be about 5 cm smaller than the sitting distance and the height should be about 5 cm lower than the knee height. The seat should be tilted back by 3-6 degrees. How do we know the chair is individually adjusted? When the foot surface forms an angle of 90 degrees with the lower leg.

Apart from furniture …

Do not forget to take breaks. If you don’t take a break, your work won’t be effective. The optimal quick regeneration time is a 5-minute break every hour you work at a computer. During the break you should get some fresh air or do some stretching exercises. You also need to make sure you’ve got good lighting at work. Lamps which provide natural light are recommended.

With Balma furniture you can create a truly ergonomic workplace and you can take pleasure in seeing how efficiently you can complete your tasks now.


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