Mobile Furniture in a dynamic office

In today's world, mobility is a key concept across all social and economic sectors. The rapid pace of modern life necessitates designing products and services with mobile solutions in mind. Flexibility is essential for adapting to frequent changes, impacting nearly every aspect of our lives, especially in the workplace.


Office Flexibility

Modern workplaces must prioritize employee well-being, including investing in friendly and flexible office infrastructure. This includes the use of mobile office furniture, which can adapt to the ever-changing needs of office users.

To address the daily challenges faced by organizations, we have designed furniture that keeps pace with evolving demands. These products can be easily moved, reconfigured, or combined to create new functional spaces.

Considering this, we have outlined the characteristics we believe mobile furniture should possess:

Characteristics of mobile furniture:

  • Easy Relocation: Furniture that can be effortlessly moved and isn’t permanently assigned to a specific room.
  • Transformability: Furniture that can be reconfigured to serve different or additional functions as needed.
  • Multiplicability: Combining multiple pieces of mobile furniture to create new functionalities, such as arranging mobile tables on wheels to form a comfortable meeting area akin to a conference room.


A Beneficial Office Environment

It is well-known that the brain thrives on change and movement, while it abhors monotony and stagnation. Employers increasingly seek to create work environments that stimulate creativity and efficiency. Our response to supporting investors in crafting optimal working conditions is the concept of a dynamic office equipped with mobile furniture.

A dynamic office is one where a single space can be used to fulfill various organizational and individual goals. It successfully adapts to different functions depending on the need. Key to this concept is designing spaces with furniture and accessories that quickly adapt to changes. Such offices are often planned as open spaces or in small firms with limited office area.


Ready Solutions for a Dynamic Office

An open-space dynamic office offers numerous benefits. However, creating comfortable working conditions in such environments also requires effective noise and lighting management. Collaborating with acoustics and lighting professionals can help enhance the quality of the working environment. For instance, even in pre-designed offices, acoustic comfort can be improved by adding acoustic booths like Bbox, or upholstered standing screens and desk screens.

Mobile furniture inherently embraces movement. Desks, tables, shelves, cabinets, sofas, and comfortable seats with wheels can quickly adapt to the constantly evolving work style. Practical braking mechanisms ensure stability and safety after relocating the furniture. These products allow continuous reorganization of the dynamic office space, which is particularly valuable for project teams composed of employees from various departments.

Balma envisions the office as a unique place that fosters creative work and team building. Using mobile furniture that goes beyond the static office framework enhances collaboration and allows full employee expression. Sometimes, starting with small changes can reveal the positive impact of mobile solutions in the office. An example is adding a handy Visi whiteboard, which facilitates creativity without distractions and supports virtual meetings with remote employees by clearly presenting ideas to colleagues or clients.

The principle of hot desking, where employees share desks without fixed workstations, aligns with the dynamic office concept. Investing in areas with height-adjustable desks can keep employees active even while working at their desks.

Work zone in motion, Vertiv Poland


Dynamic Office: An Active, Creative, and Engaged Work Environment

There is no single recipe for creating a dynamic office. It involves a combination of appropriately selected mobile furniture, handy accessories, quiet work islands, movable partitions, and practical seating that can be easily relocated. Striving to create a workplace that promotes collaboration, movement, and freedom of action is undoubtedly worthwhile. The result will be a cohesive team brimming with creative ideas.


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