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upholstery: Era, Medley, Next, Agava, Main Line Flax, Cura, Blazer

powder coated metal; the metal basket serves as a shelf for the necessary utensils or as a footrest


Blazer upholstery by Balma

Blazer upholstery by Balma - CUZ58 Blazer upholstery by Balma - CUZ2W Blazer upholstery by Balma - CUZ82 Blazer upholstery by Balma - CUZ2Q Blazer upholstery by Balma - CUZ33 Blazer upholstery by Balma - CUZ1W Blazer upholstery by Balma - CUZ90 Blazer upholstery by Balma - CUZ28 Blazer upholstery by Balma - CUZ1J Blazer upholstery by Balma - CUZ30 Blazer upholstery by Balma - CUZ1R Blazer upholstery by Balma - CUZ02 Blazer upholstery by Balma - CUZ1E

Main Line Flax upholstery

Main Line Flax upholstery - MLF20 Main Line Flax upholstery - MLF63 Main Line Flax upholstery - MLF32 Main Line Flax upholstery - MLF13 Main Line Flax upholstery - MLF08 Main Line Flax upholstery - MLF03 Main Line Flax upholstery - MLF46 Main Line Flax upholstery - MLF14 Main Line Flax upholstery - MLF17 Main Line Flax upholstery - MLF49 Main Line Flax upholstery - MLF22 Main Line Flax upholstery - MLF24 Main Line Flax upholstery - MLF16 Main Line Flax upholstery - MLF28

NEXT upholstery

NEXT upholstery - NX10 NEXT upholstery - NX14 NEXT upholstery - NX16 NEXT upholstery - NX15

Medley upholstery

Medley upholstery - 61189 Medley upholstery - 61002 Medley upholstery - 62054 Medley upholstery - 63063 Medley upholstery - 66010 Medley upholstery - 67006 Medley upholstery - 60003 Medley upholstery - 60167 Medley upholstery - 60004 Medley upholstery - 60999

Agava textile by Balma

Agava textile by Balma - 126 Agava textile by Balma - 100 Agava textile by Balma - 117 Agava textile by Balma - 149 Agava textile by Balma - 104 Agava textile by Balma - 850 Agava textile by Balma - 135 Agava textile by Balma - 700 Agava textile by Balma - 250 Agava textile by Balma - 115 Agava textile by Balma - 145

Cura upholstery

Cura upholstery - 60000 Cura upholstery - 60110 Cura upholstery - 61168 Cura upholstery - 60019 Cura upholstery - 62082 Cura upholstery - 64196 Cura upholstery - 64252 Cura upholstery - 66170 Cura upholstery - 68264


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