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BALMA & NOTI & T3 Atelier present their comfortable and staff-friendly offices at 4 Design Days in Katowice

The furniture producers - BALMA and NOTI together withT3 Atelier, a regional partner, are going to take part in Poland’s biggest event dedicated to real estate, interiors and design, which will be held in the International Congress Centre in Katowice between 16-19 February. At 4 Design Days architects, designers, interior equipment producers, service providers as well as developers and investors will be discussing the origin of global trends and what inspires them. It’ll be a unique opportunity to learn about interesting projects, activities or investments in that field and get to know one another, exchange thoughts and welcome new ideas.

During these four days we wish to invite you to visit our stand in order to find out more about NOTI new products, our flagship BALMA PLUS and BALMA’s novelty - a minimalist reception desk, all of which are the outcome of our cooperation with the well-known and talented Polish designers.
Our partner - T3 Atelier will advise you on choosing the right interior furnishing products and will suggest designs/projects based on the top brands of furniture and accessories, which are displayed in our two showrooms – in Cracow and in Katowice.

The space which we are going to discuss at our exhibition is the office. This is the office which is a reflection of a modern company that pays close attention to the comfort, effectiveness and efficiency of its employees. Our exhibition will demonstrate that the prestige of such a company together with the work quality of its staff can be significantly increased by implementing the design that will visually be in accordance with the values of that organisation, by showing what the company identifies itself with and by furnishing that office in such a way as to evoke the feeling of employees’ well-being and, as a result, contribute to the nice atmosphere. The additional benefit is that workers can get an impression that the time they spend at work is as enjoyable as the time they spend outside of work.

We do know about different work styles and a variety of expectations due to different personalities. To creative people, we realise, the biggest satisfaction from work is the creative work itself and its tangible effects. To analysts reading diagrams, engineers, finance people and technologists – it’ll be defining the problem and coming up with a solution. To managers and entrepreneurs – it’ll be about seizing opportunities where others could only see potential threats. We know how the greatest ideas originate and how sincere relations are established. We also know that the office space, the right arrangement of office furniture and materials the furniture is made from have a hge impact on the communication. This knowledge allows us to offer the solutions thanks to which employees can communicate with one another much easier, their creativity is stimulated so they become more productive, and, finally, instead of being easily irritated they remain much calmer and are kind-hearted.

The human brain, which constantly has to work in a mad rush and is exposed to a large number of stimuli, needs a short break during each day to ease the tension, regenerate and distance itself. Each of us needs a moment to think, visualise, calm down and rearrange thoughts. In the office this comfort can be achieved by means of a new element of the acoustic system – Sleeping Room designed by Tomek Rygalik or a Lounge armchair with a footrest from Manta collection designed by Piotr Kuchciński.

We are aware that the increasing level of noise in the office can negatively affect the atmosphere at work; additionally, it distracts employees’ attention, disturbs them to accurately perform their tasks, and can also increase stress or tensions. That’s why, we’ve created some solutions that will guarantee that every important talk or individual work will enjoy the acoustic comfort.
The conference room from SoundRoom moulded felt, NOTI fabrics with their acoustic properties or  BALMA PLUS mobile screens  ensure that the exchanged information is complete and that there’s a good understanding of an important agreement before signing it or before accepting new commercial terms and conditions.  BALMA PLUS sofas with roofs as well as SoundRoom NOTI sofas and armchairs will make the conceptual work in small groups truly effective.

The privacy and escape from the surrounding bustle is made possible by  Balma PLUS desks with upholstered acoustic deflectors or individual work stations within the SoundRoom system. With such facilities you can have long business talks on the phone in a foreign language or participate in conference calls with your divisions located abroad. Thanks to Balma PLUS deflectors, the users can open themselves to the stimuli or close themselves off depending what they actually need and the other employees can immediately see when/if they may approach them in order to talk to.