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Louis Lhoest at 96 Pańska Street

Louis Lhoest, a Dutch expert, together with several Warsaw architects and media representatives met in Balma Showroom in Warsaw on 14 June to talk about the megatrends as well as the idea of Activity-Based Working and to see the latest concept of the brand. That event has proved that the new address on the map of the capital of Poland is not just a shop, but, instead, it is a perfect venue for  business and creative meetings and a well-designed showroom and functional working space.

   On 14 June 2016 Fabryka Mebli Balma invited Louis Lhoest, an expert in designing office space, from the Dutch office of Veldhoen&Company International, ,to deliver a special lecture. Lhoest, who cooperates with LEGO and Volvo, among others, spoke about the revolution in thinking about new workplaces as well as the megatrends posing innovation challenges for employers. Currently, while creating office space one needs to focus on the human needs. The concept of Activity-Based Working presented by Lhoest met with great interest from the guests, who were able to see the implementation of the idea right on the spot.