Think Pro MAG

We’re changing for you - Balma new logo

We are still fond of our logo, but we feel the time for this change has finally arrived.
The current logo has been with us for 6 years. A lot has changed during that period. We have started using new forms of communication and new tools. That, in turn, has given rise to new requirements that need to be fulfilled in the language of graphics. We have decided to change our logo to make it do its job right, stand out from the others and communicate our brand more effectively.

While introducing some order into our graphics, we will remain faithful to our core values. Balma is a family company which designs and manufactures furniture and thinks about people. We focus on ideas or things which are not restricted to a particular time. We find inspiration by watching the way people work and communicate with one another. With our products, we wish to influence the office space and contribute to the cooperation and productivity of every single team. We know how to listen well and we can anticipate the needs of users, designers and architects. We are a reliable business partner that can always be trusted. There is a great team spirit in our group and we view the relationships among all of us and the people we work with as a top priority. All these ideas are the foundation of the activities we have been for years successfully trying to carry out based on Think Pro philosophy. That slogan will no longer be included in our logo, but the ideas will definitely stay with us forever.

The sources of our new logo can be found in what is excellent and yet simple. The elements of the typography  have been built around the motif of a circle in such a way as to eliminate all the redundant elements and leave the gist.

Our new logo is a natural extension of the changes which have been taking place in our environment and in our activities. We believe that the brand-new and innovative character of the logo will allow us to present our mission and will support our image much more effectively.

The graphic change is going to be an evolutionary process that will take up to several months. Watch out for the new thing which is coming and stay with us!