Desks with an electrical height adjustment have become a must-have in modern offices. The possibility to adjust the heights of desks allows for dynamic changes in the body position during the day, has a positive effect on the muscular and skeletal systems and, as a result, increases work performance.

We can offer you several solutions based on desks with an electrical height adjustment. They vary in terms of their look and technical details. That, in turn, gives us flexibility to adjust the prices to the expectations as well as budget constraints.

All of the desks are reliable, enable quiet work and bring many health benefits resulting from working while moving.

Apart from the most commonly used free-standing desks, there are also double workstations and bench desks available. Every desktop can independently be operated by remote control, which can have a display on it. In some selected remote controls  there is also a special function to remind the user of the need to change the body position. Additionally, some desks can be connected by Bluetooth to a special application.

The desktops can be straight or with scallop cut -outs to guarantee an easy access to cables or equipped with cable ducts.

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Electrically height-adjustable desks are an essential piece of equipment in a modern office