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Balma at Clerkenwell Design Week in London!

Join us at the UK's leading independent design festival. Come and say hello to the Balma-team and see our new modular system of shelving units - Balma STEPPS as well as many more ranges displayed our shared showroom. Only 3 minutes from Farringdon Station.

The Vault
8-11 St Johns Lane

NEW DEVELOPMENT - get to know L2 system - a system of modular locker cabinet.

Small storage lockers, providing a variety of alternative choices. Locker cabinets are units of small compartments locked with a key or combination lock, with an optional paper slot drop. A practical solution to store personal belongings in offices, changing rooms or dining facilities. A well-thought out structure which enables limitless configurations and arrangements, but most of all, which permits an ergonomic design of even the tiniest space.

A perfect solution for open-plan offices. Ideal for large areas divided into work zones, rest areas, and dining facilities. Critical for those people who often stay outside of the office or are not ”assigned” to one and the same desk. A large diversity of cabinet front and body colours allows to individually design the space in order to satisfy the needs of every interior.
 See the L2 collection

Happy Easter!
Cycling season inauguration for MTB BALMA TEAM

On 7 April 2019 this season’s first Bike Cross Marathon Gogol MTB was held in Dolsk.

That event, at the same time, marked an official inauguration of competing in bicycle races for our MTB BALMA TEAM.

Good luck to all the members of our team for the upcoming competitions - we’ll have our fingers crossed for you!

The next Bike Cross Marathon will take place in Skoki (close to Poznań) on 12 May 2019.


NEW DEVELOPMENT - get to know N4 system!

N4 is a system of single and double desks that allows to create functional and simple solutions to arrange office spaces. The common, recessed legs enable creating multi-person bench-type desk arrangements.

Thanks to the sliding desktops and comfortable scalloped edges, making the access to large cable channels easy, these desks are exceptionally practical and comfortable. The N4 system takes into consideration modern aesthetics, it is characterised by simplicity and lightness of form.

See the collection

BALMA and NOTI at ARCH_event in Gdańsk

Attention Tri-City!

We would like to invite you to EVENING WITH ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN, being part of ARCH_event which will be held in Gdańsk.

Venue: HOTEL ALMOND, ul. Toruńska 12, Gdańsk

Date: 13 March, 2019     Time: 17:00 - 19:40


During the event you will also have a chance to attend an inspiring lecture given by a special guest from BBGK Architekci.

For more information and in order to register please visit: Organising Committee website
BALMA at the 6th edition of the Administrative Directors’ Summit Forum

We wish to invite you to the  6th edition of the Administrative Directors’ Summit Forum which we are pleased to partner with.
The event is going to take place in Warsaw from 28 February to 1 March 2018.

In our case study we will speak about ways to create an office that all of your workers will fall for, about biophilic design and its effects, how colour can communicate meaning and finally, whether Scandinavian decor materials are just passing trends or if they can actually address the real needs.

Administrative Directors’ Summit Forum has become a regular meeting of administrative directors with its focus on organisation management, business relations, office space management and work organisation.

The topics discussed at the forum concern the current trends in the development of work and office space management in modern offices and refer to the problems encountered in various organisations and businesses. During the conference practitioners will share their knowledge and hands-on experience by demonstrating specific solutions.
Balma STEPPS shelving units nominated for 2019 TOP DESIGN Award

We are happy to say that our latest collection of Balma STEPPS shelving units (designed by Piotr Kuchciński) has been nominated for 2019 TOP DESIGN Award  in the category of OFFICE.
The exhibition will be displayed at 2019ARENA Design Fair in March 2019.
Looking forward to seeing you in Poznań!

ARENA Design 2019
12-15 March 2019
Poznań International Fair

Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year for 2019!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year for 2019!

Balma Team

Thank you for visiting our stand at ORGATEC 2018

The visionary concepts of the new culture of work as well as the contemporary space for business together with the call for creativity have been the main themes dominating the Orgatec Fair this year. Balma once again has proved that it knows best how to fit in with these trends. Those very many visitors that came to our stand could witness that themselves. We have welcomed this year’s edition of the fair with the joint exhibition of Balma and Noti brand. Thanks to that, we were able to present the contemporary idea of the versatility of a work space in a comprehensive way.

Let's see how it was!
Revolutionary! Balma STEPPS modular shelving units!

Balma STEPPS designed by Piotr Kuchciński is a modular system of shelving units which will enable to arrange any space; either if it’s office, housing or public space. The system makes it possible to establish communication routes and to set autonomous work, relaxation and fun zones.

The constructed elements allow to build wall shelving units, corner or free-standing units accessible from both sides. The stable structure is obtained thanks to metal ladders, which are connected by shelves.

The enormous diversity of the elements of Balma STEPPS permits to create a product that will satisfy various individual needs. The standard heights ranging from 1 to 7OH, 3 shelf widths as well as cabinets, boxes and sliding doors will allow to create and tailor the modules to the specific functional and aesthetic needs.

Visit the site dedicated to the latest Balma STEPPS collection
Meet us at ORGATEC!

We are inviting you to visit our stand at the ORGATEC in Cologne.

We will present our brand new products and finishings.

Soon more information.

BALMA at Warsaw Home 2018

The third edition of Warsaw Home will be held on October, 4 – 7, 2018 at Katowicka 62 Street in Nadarzyn. We are looking forward to seeing you at the BALMA  stand F2.3 in Hall F.

Balma is a partner of the 11th edition of the Gdynia Design Days festival, which will be held on July 6-15, 2018.

Balma is a partner of the 11th edition of the Gdynia Design Days festival, which will be held on July 6-15, 2018.

Gdynia Design Days is an annual festival showcasing the latest trends and best practices in the field of design. Brimming with inspiring exhibitions, lectures, workshops and discussions the program is aimed at both professionals, young entrepreneurs and design enthusiasts looking for inspiration for creative activities and creative leisure time. For the 10 days in July Gdynia becomes the best summer meeting place for the design industry. GDD is also the only festival of design in Poland during which the created prototypes have a chance of being implemented. We believe that an intensive exchange of experiences and cooperation provide an opportunity to catch the wind in the sails for the following year and that the ideas born during GDD have the power to spread throughout Poland and abroad. The organizer of the festival is the Design Centre / Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia / City of Gdynia

This year's slogan is ERROR, which represents a number of meanings. How should we understand them?
In Latin, “error” means “mistake”, and as a verb it relates to journeys and wanderings. The word has been used for centuries, while today it is mostly associated with problems involving operating systems. It can also refer to clashes with rules and legal frameworks, a lack of understanding between people, unclear messages entering the public and virtual spheres.

As a result, we find ourselves in a constant state of imbalance, leading to the collapse of all the operating methods at our disposal. We are forced to seek effective, though often unconventional, solutions.

Our ever-changing reality demands we develop new skills at reading and reinterpreting codes. Too many options lead to an increase in frustration and greater margin for error. We thus arrive at a point of overload and excess – a time of error. Too many options, involving too much wealth, information and impulses from external sources, lead to polarised societies and eroded notions of freedom. Consequences include the loosening of family and social ties and a reduced sense of belonging. Emotional needs are met with virtual relationships, while the human touch is replaced with attempts to connect with machines. Being “offline” has become a luxury inaccessible to many, as it becomes ever harder for us to avoid relentlessly personalised advertising. Every day, we are offered useless innovations and tech, the sort which imposes new needs rather than meeting those already in existence.

We are faced with the challenge of having to re-evaluate our needs and re-define shared priorities. The aim is then to achieve balanced progress, ensuring a sense of safety and purpose. The responsibility for the future is in everyone's hands, but it is designers who take on the role of pioneers. This task involves identifying, analysing and trying to solve a whole host of problems. Do we know where to go next?

Gdynia has for some time been recognised as an innovative city, capable of expanding economic and civic horizons. The Polish seafaring trade evolved here, and it was the Gdynia Sea Terminal which saw the launch of legendary transatlantic ocean liners, carrying thousands of Poles on to their new lives abroad.

In July, during Gdynia Design Days we will present our own vision of contemporary “errors”. Collectively, we will consider whether we are ready for potential “break downs” and if we have created a “backup copy” of our most valuable data.

The exhibitions which will be part of the festival will offer up accessible information and possible future scripts, while discussions and workshops will allow us to consider what shared paths can be taken next. Our festival is an opportunity to revise current operating methods and a chance to seek new strategies. It is high time we defined the sort of lives we want, or rather how we can define our limits.

SIMPLIC conference tables nominated for DOBRY WZÓR 2018 Award

We are more than happy to say that SIMPLIC line of conference tables with wooden legs and nano-laminate table tops has received a recommendation for DOBRY WZÓR 2018 in the category of Work Space. The idea underlying SIMPLIC conference tables is the universality and flexibility of conference solutions. Thanks to the well thought-out concept of this sophisticated line, we have managed to achieve technological and aesthetic cohesion. SIMPLIC stands for simplicity – it is both the simplicity of the form and structure as well as the simplicity of the usage.

SIMPLIC conference tables with wooden, minimalist legs made of solid oak wood directly refer to nature, which should be treated as one of the best resources for inspiration for modern office design. Natural materials can positively affect our physical and mental health, and employees who are surrounded by such materials do feel much happier.

The line of  SIMPLIC conference tables with the plywood table tops and no-finger-print nano-laminate surface has been designed for demanding users. The unique material of SIMPLIC conference tables allows to create an elegant, aesthetic and modern office. With SIMPLIC tables that space will not only serve as an ideal meeting place, but it will also best represent the given company.

Announcing the winners of DOBRY WZÓR 2018 Competition is planned for autumn 2018.

Balma at the 5. Spotlight Hotel Investment Poland & CEE conference

See you in our chillout zone at the 5. Spotlight Hotel Investment Poland & CEE conference on June 12-13!

Spotlight Hotel Investment Poland & CEE conference is the largest meeting of investors, hotel chains, developers and representatives of the European cities across Central and Eastern Europe. Every year, the event attracts over 250 Polish and foreign attendees, thus confirming the great interest in investments in the CEE region and the need to exchange experiences and inspiration.

See more on the event website.

A new material available in the BALMA Furniture range

A new material available in the BALMA Furniture range -nano-laminate, available in white and black. Nano-laminate is a material of extraordinary durability. It has a unique no-finger-print matt surface. This laminate can be used for conference tables and desk tops for our Plus, Simplic, H2 as well as Mixt ranges.

Download leaflet.

True novelty! Find out about ETUM desk partition walls and screens!

A system of lightweight desk partitions and screens. ETUM walls serve as a convenient and economical solution that allows dividing workplaces. Those universal partition walls can be attached to Balma
different systems of desks, thanks to their special mounting elements. The free-standing screens allow any settings or arrangements and make it possible to adjust the workspace to the current needs of employees. They are lightweight and easy to assemble, available in many colours of upholstery.
40 years of creating business by Ryszard Balcerkiewicz

On 5 April 2018 in the Music Theatre in Poznań, Ryszard Balcerkiewicz – President of Noti, founder and member of the Supervisory Board of Directors of Fabryka Mebli Balma celebrated his 40th business anniversary.

The celebration gathered the jubilee’s employees, friends, long-term business partners of Balma and Noti as well as family members.

See more at ➡➡➡
BALMA at Clerkenwell Design Week in London

Come and see us at Clerkenwell Design Week in London 22-24 May.

Come visit our Showroom.


The Vault
8-11 St Johns Lane
Happy Easter!
BALMA is in the group of the most dynamically developing companies according to "Gazele Biznesu" rank list

We are pleased to inform that Fabryka Mebli BALMA has been the finalist of the Gazele Biznesu rank list of the most dynamically developing companies. The award ceremony took place on 31 January in the IBB ANDERSIA Hotel in Poznań.

Merry Christmas!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!


Balma & pCon.planner

We are happy to inform you that Balma products are available now on pCon.planner, which is the program to space plan, arrange furniture and build their configurations. You can use our furniture pieces in OFML extension.
pCon.planner is an Internet platform where producers and sellers provide graphic data and information concerning their products.
Right next to the geometry of a given object downloaded from pCon.planner, crucial information on products presented there is displayed, for example: kinds of finishing, dimensions and price.

We encourage you to start using pCon.planner on a regular basis!
Balma PLUS stunning photo session
Autumn has already arrived, so we want to take you on an exciting tour now! A photo session created by Wiktoria Lenart is a great example of cooperation between a designer and producer. The product itself becomes the main character of a certain story, in which it is brought to the forefront ... however, in a surreal way, which will leave lots of possible interpretations. The designer of BALMA PLUS System winks at all of us and approaches office space in a funny, even facetious, manner by showing the furniture from BALMA PLUS Collection in an unusual convention...

In Think PRO MAG you will find an interview with the designer – Wiktoria Lenart and photographer – Bartek Sadowski, and also the unpublished photos coming from the backstage of that outstanding photo session.

See more.  

Balma in the latest issue of LABEL #27

“Your office reflects your reasoning!” – you could exclaim, taking into consideration the change in work styles over the years – this is how the latest issue of LABEL magazine discussing the theme of home office begins.
We encourage you to read our article “Everything Starts in the Office,” which will inspire you to create a flexible workplace, no matter where your office is or will be located ...
You can find LABEL magazine at EMPIK stores and quality newsagent shops.

Get to know our new BALMA catalogue

We are happy to present you with our new BALMA catalogue which is a continuation of our Balma Think Pro catalogue. The structure of the catalogue corresponds with our Think Pro philosophy and assigns the collections to particular work styles, i.e. work with client, teamwork, individual work, home office as well as organisation.

Each collection in the new catalogue is accompanied by the description, a list of the key features of the whole system, the product photos, the photos taken during the realisation of the project and the elements of that collection.

We hope that the catalogue will be a useful tool and interesting source of inspiration.
BALMA & NOTI at Warsaw Home Expo 2017

The second edition of Warsaw Home will be held on October, 6 – 8, 2017 at Katowicka 62 Street in Nadarzyn. We are looking forward to seeing you at the shared BALMA and NOTI stand A5 in Hall F.

We have called the Warsaw Home exhibition of home and office furniture, design and decorations “Bye, bye office” for the second time – after Arena Design. This time, however, we are probing deeper into the nature of home. We are exploring the significant change that has occurred in working habits, with more people working at home and seeking greater comfort in the office. The primary goals are good performance and commitment to daily activities.

In addition to SoundRoom, its most recent acoustic furniture system, NOTI will present its Chill and Lounge zones. BALMA, in turn, will exhibit its “domesticated” bookcases together with other collections of desks, tables and cabinets including the well-known and liked Plus. Warsaw Home fair is also an excellent opportunity to browse through the new catalogue of BALMA office systems. Different collections are assigned to respective working styles including contacts with customers, team activities, individual work, work from home, and organization.
Discover SIMPLIC novelties

Nature has been an essential element in contemporary design and office design in particular should make frequent use of it. Inspirations drawn from nature have a positive effect on physical and mental health of people, and workers who are surrounded by plants and natural materials feel much happier. Therefore, Balma deciding on  natural materials, has equipped its Simplic system with minimalist, easy to assemble legs made of solid oak wood.

Balma At Clerkenwell Design Week in London!

Join us at the UK's leading independent design festival. Come and say hello to the Balma-team and see our new Reception Counter as well as many more ranges displayed our shared showroom. Only 3 minutes from Farringdon Station.

The Vault
8-11 St Johns Lane

A new system of ATIXA & TRESTA reception counters

We are pleased to inform you we have expanded our product range – this time it is new systems of ATIXA and TRESTA reception counters.The BALMA novelties are simple and pure in their forms and are accentuated by the subtle LED light.

The system of ATIXA reception counters, which was presented for the first time at the Orgatec fair (in October 2016), shows exceptional taste and superb quality. Our ATIXA counters feature a modern form manifested in a unique way. ATIXA, designed by Piotr Kuchciński, is a Reception module manufactured in Corian. The shapes achieved by using selected special materials makes the finished form mesmerising, thanks to this your interior will look extraordinary.

A variety of materials, a wide array of colours and textures, as well as modern design contribute to the special character of TRESTA reception counters. They are a new addition to the product line offered by BALMA, which perfectly meet the needs of clients seeking products that are both representative and functional. The system of TRESTA couners ensures a truly original look in the reception area thanks to the combination of a variety of colours and finishing technologies.

Read more about new reception counters

Happy Easter!
Balma at 4 Design Days

BALMA will have its debut at 4 DESIGN DAYS. The event is going to be held in the International Congress Centre in Katowice from 16 – 19 February. 

4 DESIGN DAYS is the biggest event in this part of Europe in the field of real estate, interiors and design. During the four days the icons of the world and Polish design, leading architects and designers, producers and service providers as well as developers are going to discuss what serves as an inspiration for and what actually creates global trends in architecture and design. With 3,500 guests expected, 200 exhibitors, 20,000 visitors – the second edition of 4 DESIGN DAYS will be the best forum to talk about all the issues related to design. The success of the first edition of that event has proved that architects, designers and recipients of their projects, including developers and investors, do need a new place for exchanging opinions and networking. 

Come and visit our stand designed by Piotr Kuchciński, where we are going to present our flagship product -  Balma PLUS system together with a real novelty in our offer – a minimalist reception desk counter. 

See you in Katowice on 16 February!

Follow the event ->

Balma on pCon.catalog

We are pleased to inform you that our products are accessible on pCon.catalog.

pCon.catalog is an online platform where manufacturers and vendors of furnishings of all kind can provide their graphic product data and product information. 

Together with the graphics of the product downloaded from the pCon catalog, you receive the most important information about the product: finishings, dimensions, price, etc. The main features of the pCon.catalog: access to product data without previous installation pCon.planner, 24/7 worldwide access to 3D models, free access to high-quality 3D models.

We encourage you to make use of the pCon catalog. Our OFML data for the pCon.planner will be ready soon. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017

The CREATOR OF THE YEAR OF 2016 title goes to Piotr Kuchciński

Piotr Kuchciński – being the creator of very many collections of the BALMA furniture – has been awarded with the Creator of the Year of 2016 title in the personality competition of Design Alive Awards 2016.

The winners were selected by the Jury made up of: Ewa Trzcionka – the executive editor of ”Design Alive”, Agnieszka Obszańska – a journalist of Channel 3 of the Polish Radio, Edyta Ołdak – the president of ”Z Siedzibą w Warszawie” Association, Gosia and Tomek Rygalik – the designers and creators of the Rygalik Studio, Przemo Łukasik - the founder of the Medusa Group, Magdalena Węglewska - PR Director for Mazda Polska, Oskar Zięta – a designer and scientist, and Małgorzata Żmijska – a curator and practitioner in design work. The jury members have evaluated the work of 30 nominees in the three categories such as Creator, Strategist and Animator.

As Design Alive Magazine states: “ Piotr Kuchciński has won the Creator of the Year of 2016 title. That award honoured his unusual sensitivity to design and excellent anticipation of customer’s needs, skilful combination of a unique product with a perfect brand communication strategy as well as outstanding participation in changing the face of the Polish furniture industry and creating strong domestic brands by incorporating the finest design quality”.
BALMA at the Fourth Good Design Forum

BALMA is making its debut at the Fourth Good Design Forum held on 7 December  2016 in Warsaw.

900 visitors, architects, interior decorators, designers, a large number of speakers, numerous debates, discussions and talks on design issues – all that constitutes Good Design Forum, being the very place to discuss everything and anything that concerns design. This year the Forum is going to address the intriguing question of “ Being Polish, being young, being fine – is the market ready to get to know the design of Poland?”

During many presentations and speeches we are going to tackle the following problems like the current state of the Polish design, or if Polish design projects can compete against projects prepared by foreign design offices, or how to promote the design which is indigenous to Poland, or if the Polish design can be competitive and profitable, and finally, if, and how soon, the good design will reach every household in Poland.

As part of our presence at the Forum there will be “Case Study:on Balma: Plus-Oriented Office” on 7 December  2016 from 13.00 to 13.20. The presentation will take place in Audytorium Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich POLIN (The Auditorium of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews) at ul. Anielewicza 6 in Warsaw.
Meet us at ORGATEC!

We are inviting you to visit our stand at the ORGATEC in Cologne. We will present our brand new products and finishings. Come and see our reception counters, executive furniture, tables and work stations. 

Read more:

Balma Is a Proud Sposor of "Sister Act" Musical

Teatr Muzyczny w Poznaniu (the Musical Theatre in Poznań) invites you to the Polish premiere of the musical "Sister Act", based on the fascinating cult film of 1992 with Whoopi Goldberg in the lead. The world premiere of "Sister Act" took place in London in 2009. Two years later the musical made its debut on Broadway.

This autumn the adventures of the charismatic nun will be presented in the form of songs at the Musical Theatre in Poznań. Balma, as the sponsor of the premiere, has a great pleasure to invite you to the shows of the "Sister Act" musical.

See you on Broadway in Poznań!
Balma brand at Office Management Conference

Balma is a partner in the next edition of Office Management Conference, which is going to be held on 20 September 2016 in Warsaw. Office Management Conferences are regular meetings devoted to the widely understood organisation management, business relations, office space management and work organisation.  

The subjects debated during the conferences address the present trends in the development of the organisation of work as well as space in modern offices and focus on problems arising in organisations and businesses. During those conferences expert practitioners share their knowledge and experience on the basis of some specific solutions. 

As a part of the exhibition of the Balma brand at Office Management Conference, Balma PLUS furniture system is going to be presented there.

We would be pleased to welcome you at the event.

Balma on

Archiproducts is one of the most complex catalogues of products and materials in the field of architecture and interior design. It is a unique tool available to specialists, producers and other people looking for some new solutions concerning construction, redecoration and interior arrangement.

Archiproducts means much more than the 120, 000 products grouped into the categories and updated in real time, directly by their producers. The search engine allows engineers, architects and interior designers from all over the world to actually see and then select the best items available on the market. We are glad that Balma has joined the other manufacturers who present their products and services on
Balma PLUS System in the finals of the 2016 DOBRY WZÓR Competition

On 12 July 2016 in the Institute of Industrial Design, the expert meetings concerning the 2016 Dobry Wzór (Good Design) competition were held. During those meetings the experts selected the products and services that qualified for the final level of the competition as well as for the exhibition.

We are pleased to announce that Balma PLUS System has been highly ranked by the experts of the 2016 Dobry Wzór (Good Design) competition and has been qualified for the final stage of that competition. The System is also going to be presented at the 2016 DOBRY WZÓR (Good Design) Exhibition, which is evaluated by designers and entrepreneurs as the best exhibition of design in Poland. The exhibition will take place in the Institute of Industrial Design between 21 October and 2 December 2016.

Dobry Wzór (Good Design) is the first design award in Poland. The competition  has been receiving more and more attention now. Its professional level has significantly increased and, as a consequence, choosing the finalists becomes more and more difficult. This year, 222 products and services entered the competition and competed in nine categories: Household, Working Environment, Public Space, Services, New Technologies, Applied Graphics and Packaging, New Production Materials, Transport and Communication as well as Fashion and Accessories. Considering the high level of the design of the products and services submitted, getting qualified for the finals was a great challenge and achievement. This makes us even more proud that this year our  Balma PLUS System has been among the finalists of that competition.

Must have 2016 for desk solution from the Balma PLUS system

We are glad to inform you that the desk solution from the PLUS office furniture system, designed by Wiktoria Lenart and Piotr Kuchciński for Meble BALMA got an award - Must Have 2016!

Akademia Architekta organises the second meeting of the “Architects & Law” series

Attention all architects!

You are all very welcome to attend another training session of the “Architects and Law” series organised by Akademia Architekta Cluster, which Balma is proud to be a member of. The training session entitled “Debt Collection/ Debt Recovery – a Set of Soft and Hard Collection Tools for Architects” will be held on 21 June at Schattdecor.

The training will be run by a legal advisor - Mateusz Garnuszewski of Kancelaria Prawna Philips & Garnuszewski.

Time: 21 June 2016 at 10.00

Venue: Schattdecor

ul. Sowia 10, Tarnowo Podgórne (only 25 km away from the centre of Poznań)
Balma at the 8th Night with Design

During the 8th Night with Design, Balma Showroom in Wrocław is proud to present Balma PLUS System, designed by Wiktoria Lenart and Piotr Kuchciński, as well as the works of  XY Anka Mierzejewska – a painter from Wrocław. The combination of the minimalist design and expressive paintings stirring the senses is an excellent opportunity to explore and find inspirations. Our eyesight, the sense responsible for the ability to select best colours, layouts and interior designs, can increase the comfort of our surroundings. It is our aim to present you with such a possibility at our exhibition. The paintings by Anka Mierzejewska presented together with BALMA PLUS furniture will increase the feeling of great comfort and will definitely stimulate creativity.

The main theme of the 8th Night with Design will be POWER OF THE SENSES. Do come and see the exhibition of the works by Anka Mierzejewska, accompanied by BALMAPLUS. The SENSES will take care of the rest.

Time: 23 June 2016 from 19.00 to 24.00

Venue: DOMAR Interior Design Gallery

ul. Braniborska 14, Wrocław

MTB Cycling Workshops as part of Akademia Architekta

“Slowing down, accelerating and making turns” – the participants of MTB Sunday cycling workshops know best what to do in order to enjoy riding a bicycle. In another joint initiative of Akademia Architekta, Meble BALMA, Schattdecor and SAS Showroom, the invited architects worked on improving their cycling technique under a watchful eye of Magdalena Sadłecka. We wish to thank all the co-organisers and participants for the great fun and time spent in an active way.

BALMA - the partner of the 3rd. edition of the ReDI Trade Fair.

The ReDI Trade Fair is held between 1-2 June 2016 at the PGE Narodowy in Warsaw. ReDI is a meeting place for the representatives of cities and towns, property developers, administrators, investors as well as retailers already operating or developing in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. We are pleased to have furnished the MEETING POINT at the ReDI Trade Fair, as part of our cooperation with the organiser of the event. In the meeting zone one can find our flagship products like the Balma PLUS System  furniture and H2 tables. The truly special look of our zone has been made possible thanks to the H2 tables  in digital decors designed by the students of the University of Arts in Poznań and  TULLI armchairs   by NOTI. We are more than happy to be able to present Balma furniture to all the ReDI Trade Fair visitors.      

Balma At Clerkenwell Design Week in London

Join us at the UK's leading independent design festival. Our showroom facility 'The Vault', within the heart of Clerkenwelll, will include our new range Plus, the Furonto range of reception counters, bench desking systems, executive furniture and storage systems.

Come visit our Showroom.

The Vault
8-11 St Johns Lane
Architects & Law Training Sessions

Attention all architects!

You are all very welcome to attend training sessions called “Architects & Law”, organised by Akademia Achitekta Cluster, which BALMA is a member of. On 18 May, apart from other issues, the following topics are going to be discussed: contracts concluded with individuals as well as with companies.

Time: Wednesday 18 May 2016 at 10.00.

Venue: Sitag Formy Siedzenia Sp. z o.o. Łowęcin, ul. Sarbinowska 11, Swarzędz

Register at:
BALMA among top Polish brands at the exhibition in New York

Poland is currently one of the world’s leading producers and exporters of furniture. Adam Mickiewicz Institute, appearing under the brand of, is the organiser of the exhibition called “Pole Position. Best Brands from Poland”. From 13 to 16 May 2016 at WantedDesign festival in New York there will be an exhibition promoting Polish design. We are happy that BALMA furniture has been recognised and it is going to be shown at the Polish exhibition in the USA.
BALMA at PE-P Adaptation/Adjustment Exhibition during Poznań Design Days

Poznań Design Days 2016 is already the third edition of the design festival which is happening at the heart of Wielkopolska region, in the city of Poznań. This time, BALMA is also going to participate in this event. Come and see 15 PEP Adaptation/Adjustment Exhibition, where the students of the University of Arts in Poznań will present and demonstrate products created as the result of their cooperation with BALMA and NOTI brands. H2 tables, perceived from a different perspective, will definitely play a major role there.

Exhibition: from 7 to 14 May 2016.

Opening hours: 12.00 – 18.00.

Venue: CK Zamek, room 103.

15 PE-P Adaptation/Adjustment VERNISSAGE: 9 May 2016 at 16.30 in CK Zamek, room 103.
PLUS in the leading role

See what we have to say about BALMA PLUS System. Get acquainted with our new material, in which BALMA team and the designers of our System will share their opinions concerning PLUS. They will explain why the system is so unique and why PLUS can be called the TOTAL System. They will point out that you can furnish your office with some office desks, however they will state that this does not mean that you have created your office by doing so.
A Summary of Arena Design 2016

The 8th edition of Arena Design Fair has come to an end. We truly appreciate your interest in and comments on BALMA PLUS System and we are very grateful for all the constructive feedback we have received from you.

H2 tables in digital decors prepared by the students of the University of Arts

It is now only a few days before getting H2 tables presented in digital decors designed by the students of the University of Arts under the 15th edition of PE-P program, acting on the initiative of  Pracownia Programów Edukacyjnych i Współpracy z Przemysłem (the Studio of Educational Programs and Cooperation with Industry). Come visit PE-P stand at Arena Design Fair.


Going to work, attending important business meetings or participating in some other official situations – all of those require the proper dress code. Nowadays, the business code is not as strict as it used to be and it is allowed to take different steps to diversify one’s style. However, that freedom could turn out to be tricky because there is a thin line between what will be perceived as “right” or “wrong”. The new project by Moda Polska will guide you how to bring out the best in you, how to emphasise the best qualities of your body shape and, at the same time, how to “smuggle in” some elements revealing your unique style and character. The photos were taken by Sebastian Zieliński, whereas Rafał Orłowicz was responsible for the styling. The photo session took place in BALMA showroom.

We are pleased to inform that Fabryka Mebli BALMA has been the finalist of the Gazele Biznesu rank list of the most dynamically developing companies. The award ceremony took place on 24 February in the IBB ANDERSIA Hotel in Poznań.


We are delighted to inform that BALMA PLUS System has been nominated for the TOP DESIGN AWARD 2016 in the category of: Office. BALMA PLUS System is much more than just office furniture. This is a flexible and complete SYSTEM that can, to a great extent, support excellent performance of workers as well as stimulate and activate them. The project prepared by Wiktoria Lenart and Piotr Kuchciński is going to be presented at the TOP DESIGN AWARD exhibition at ARENA DESIGN 2016 from 8 to 11 March.

Do come and join us!
BALMA on a film set "Ziarno prawdy"- Polish best movie

A truly outstanding team - Łukasz Bielan – a cameraman and Abel Korzeniowski – a film music composer, Robert Więckiewicz – one of the best Polish actors and Mixt, Xeon, H2 and Ostin – all those stars were able to shine throughout that project. BALMA furniture on a film set  „Ziarno prawdy” – from 30 January shown in cinemas. „Ziarno prawdy”, directed by Borys Lankosz, is a screen adaptation of the second part of the best-selling crime trilogy written by Zygmunt Miłoszewski – one of the most awaited premieres of the Polish biggest cinema productions of 2015.

Open Doors - BALMA Showroom in Wrocław

On 20 November 2015 a new system of office furniture PLUS was presented in BALMA Showroom in Wrocław. Wiktoria Lenart and Piotr Kuchciński - the designers of BALMA PLUS System took part in that event. The event also included a lecture entitled “Hybrid Workplaces – Trends in 2015”, which was delivered by Katarzyna Andrzejczyk-Briks – an art historian and a lecturer at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities and School of Form. 

City Cluster – from creation to implementation

As part of the umbrella conference called FROM CREATION TO IMPLEMENTATION, on 26 November we are going to discuss what the modern office should be like since it is no longer “a working machine” or some anonymous space full of desks and chairs. Nowadays, we expect the space to be designed in accordance with our personality traits, working style and age. We expect the space to be colourful and equipped with multifunctional furniture, whose task is to promote and support effectiveness, efficiency and performance in an entirely new way. Have you ever wondered how to make use of the inspirations coming from the areas of neuroscience, proxemics, ergonomics and psychology in order to design the space which will facilitate the work performance? Then come and listen to the lecture entitled “The Space Meant for People. The Office That Can Work Alongside with You”.

Watch our video from the official opening of BALMA showroom in Łódź. The opening of the showroom was combined with the presentation of BALMA PLUS System, which was prepared by the designers of that system - Wiktoria Lenart and Piotr Kuchciński. The event also included a presentation entitled “The Office of the Future – How to Make It Successful and Effective” by Katarzyna Andrzejczyk-Briks.

“Home Office for Architects” is a joint project of BALMA and the other members of  Akademia Architekta Cluster, which you can see at BUDMA Fair.

Come visit us in pavilion 6 A, stand no. 21.

The official opening of BALMA showroom at ŁÓDŹ DESIGN FESTIVAL combined with a lecture by Katarzyna Andrzejczyk-Briks

Creating working spaces can be quite challenging to architects. We try to design the space in such a way as to make the most of every square millimetre. We also realise that the designed space needs to enhance work performance; where the space can either be a meeting place, a place where you can peacefully focus on your work or a place for the group work. The question is how to find the balance then. We wish to discuss that issue with you and other experts interested in that field during the official opening of BALMA showroom combined with a presentation entitled “The Office of the Future – How to Make It Successful and Effective” by Katarzyna Andrzejczyk-Briks.

Katarzyna Andrzejczyk-Briks is an art historian specialising in the history of interior design and trends in design. She is a lecturer in School of Form (a school of design) and the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Poznań and Warsaw. She is Wzornik (template) columnist in Stary Browar “B&R” magazine. She has been cooperating with IKEA, BALMA, NOTI, VOX Meble, Dekoma, and H&M Home. 

During the official opening our new System PLUS is going to be presented. The presentation will be made by the designers of that system - Wiktoria Lenart and Piotr Kuchciński.

Please note: the number of participants is limited.

In order to register contact us at

(applications submitted will be individually confirmed).

BALMA THINK PRO Image Catalogue

We really encourage you to download an electronic version of our new Image Catalogue with the graphic design prepared by Piotr Kuchciński. We hope that our catalogue, based on THINK PRO philosophy, will be a great source of inspiration for many of you. To download an electronic version of our BALMA THINK PRO Catalogue, click the link below.
BALMA PLUS System present at Night with Design

The 7th edition of Night with Design – an inspiring event organised in the very heart of the city of Wrocław - is over. We wish to congratulate Domar - Interior Design Gallery on having organised an event which has become an excellent platform to share the knowledge as well as to exchange experiences and discuss inspirations with producers, designers and architects. Additionally, we wish to express our thanks to our customers for visiting us and saying all the kind words to us.


Come and see us at CLERKENWELL DESIGN WEEK in London 19-21 May.

Come visit our Showroom.


The Vault
8-11 St Johns Lane
Balma At Clerkenwell Design Week

Balma At Clerkenwell Design Week

Architects & Law Training Sessions

Attention all architects!

You are all very welcome to attend training sessions called “Architects & Law”, organised by Akademia Achitekta Cluster, which BALMA is a member of. On 18 May, apart from other issues, the following topics are going to be discussed: contracts concluded with individuals as well as with companies.

Time: Wednesday 18 May 2016 at 10.00.

Venue: Sitag Formy Siedzenia Sp. z o.o. Łowęcin, ul. Sarbinowska 11, Swarzędz

Register at: