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ORDINARY or EXTRAORDINARY a few words about BOOKCASES we all know and like

The history of a bookcase is fascinating. Although a bookcase may at first seem quite ordinary and plain, we need to realise that its beginnings go many generations back – bookcases were used in palaces, in manors owned by aristocracy and in tenement houses of wealthy townsfolk.
The future of a bookcase could also be interesting because of very many ideas of how to use it. Contemporary bookcases manage to combine functionality and top-class design. And, what’s more, they can be easily adjusted to fit any space.

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Clear mind and how the air quality (among other things) can affect the comfort of work

We are living in the world of modern technology. Most of the things we need to do technology helps us with. For example,  we can shop on-line and order delivery of the purchased goods home while sitting on a sofa in our living room.  We can arrive at the cinema only five minutes before the film show with an e-ticket in our smartphone. Or we can discuss the current problems on the way to work.  
Technological advancement allows us to save lots of time, which seems to bring benefits only. Is that really so? Unfortunately not. The very same technology is generating phenomena which have a destructive effect upon us. To understand how it works, let’s focus on environment pollution.

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How to create a TEAM

If we tried to define a trend that to a large extent shapes our current thinking about ourselves and our needs, it would certainly be the individualism. We want to stand out, we want to be noticed and appreciated. That’s why, teamwork becomes quite a challenge.

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