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Why we need our offices - an interview with Daria Jezierska-Geburczyk, a psychologist and an expert in cultural studies

M.H.-J.: In the last few months many employees found themselves struggling with a totally new reality. The change happened overnight – all of a sudden, they were expected to start working online. A lot has already been said about how to create a home office, experts have discussed advantages and disadvantages of working from home. Yet, our team members started wondering which needs could be actually satisfied at work. I mean when you work in an office in which you see your colleagues on an everyday basis.

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Design home office Balma Stepps
Set up Your Own Command Centre

Since the beginning of 2020 the cult collection of modular Balma STEPPS shelving units,  recognised with the prestigious German Design Award 2020, has gained new functions. You can complement your shelving unit with a desk now! The work modules can come either with an upholstered panel or a magnetic strip.

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home office Productivity work
What the pandemic has taught us about the organisation of work and what we should remember when we go back to our offices

Working from home, which has lately become a necessity to many people, has allowed us to take a close look at the organisation of our work. It’s definitely worthy to incorporate the remote work routines  at our offices. Better organisation will increase our efficiency and also job satisfaction.

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