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Balma Logo Brand
We’re changing for you - Balma new logo

We are still fond of our logo, but we feel the time for this change has finally arrived.
The current logo has been with us for 6 years. A lot has changed during that period. We have started using new forms of communication and new tools. That, in turn, has given rise to new requirements that need to be fulfilled in the language of graphics. We have decided to change our logo to make it do its job right, stand out from the others and communicate our brand more effectively.

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Design Interview Flower in Office
Interview with designers of Balma Floo plant stands and shelves

Designers, graduates of art colleges in Interior Design. They focus their design work around offices, market stands and private interiors. Education and sensitivity allow them to combine the technical aspect of interior architecture with an artistic approach. Regardless of the purpose of the designed space, they emphasize the simplicity of form and color.

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ORDINARY or EXTRAORDINARY a few words about BOOKCASES we all know and like

The history of a bookcase is fascinating. Although a bookcase may at first seem quite ordinary and plain, we need to realise that its beginnings go many generations back – bookcases were used in palaces, in manors owned by aristocracy and in tenement houses of wealthy townsfolk.
The future of a bookcase could also be interesting because of very many ideas of how to use it. Contemporary bookcases manage to combine functionality and top-class design. And, what’s more, they can be easily adjusted to fit any space.

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